Since its establishment on the 3rd of May, 1983, K K Yeung Management Consultants Limited (hereafter referred as “KKYMCL”) has successfully completed 200 consultancy projects for the private section as well as the public section. Entering into its 36th anniversary, KKYMCL is still thriving strong in its consulting profession and striving to “Advise, Guide and Protect” its clients’ Interests and Investments, helping Small & Medium Sized Enterprises to Multinational Companies to flourish.

KKYMCL Consultants are proud of their expertise on Corporate Strategies and Management Systems, China Business Negotiations, Corporate and Debt Restructuring, Financial Management, Business Impact Assessments (Public Sector) and Governance and Controls for Non-government Organizations.

KKYMCL Consultants have vast experience in serving a wide range of Industries including, but not limited to, Electronics, Engineering, Environment, Bio-technology, Infrastructure, Property, Resorts and Hotels, Manufacturing and Retail.